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Stock Number Category Manufacturer Model Description Asking Price
0712-16BinderBindomatic (Coverbind)301 DFSBinding Machine700.00
0725-11BinderXeroxChesire 750II, SN: 751-001100.00
0526-19BinderSulbyMinabinda220V, 1-Ph (Parts Machine)1000.00
0211-11Binder/PunchGBCC100Manual Punch and Bind, SN: OEP226770.00
0308-12Binder/PunchIbicoIbimaticManual Punch and Opener Combo, SN: 4A42909120.00
0412-12Binder/PunchIbicoKombo, SN: 8B59478150.00
0707-19CutterChallenge305MC208-230V, 25Amps, 3-Phase4000.00
0903-19CutterPolar72CEPolar 72CE (283750.00
1204-20CutterChallengeChampion 370Auto backgauge, clamp and knife, Air bed6500.00
0913-17CutterChallenge305 MC30.5, SN 12097, Year 1988, Manual Backgauge, Powered Clamp & Cut, 208-230V, 25 Amps, 3Ph(PARTS MACHINE)4000.00
0509-19drillChallengeJFSN: 43314/ Challenge JF Drill750.00
0550-19drillChallengeJFChallenge Single Spindle SN: 61070500.00
1109-18drillChallengeFSingle Hole Punch Tabletop250.00
0344-12DrillChallengeJO1984, SN: 63854400.00
1009-14DrillChallengeJOSingle Spindle, Tabletop, 1974, SN: 39991250.00
0602-19DrillChallengeEH-3AChallenge EH-3A 3 Spindle Drill, 110 volts1800.00
0706-20DrillChallengeEH-3AChallenge EH-3A 3 Spindle Drill, 220 Volts1800.00
0804-11DrillChallengeJO1984, SN: 63084400.00
05148DrillChallengeJOSingle Spindle Table Top, Year 1985, SN 65790, 115V.400.00
0310-12DrillChallengeJOSingle Spindle, Table Top, 1976, SN: 44486400.00
0916-11DrillNygren Dahly5 Spindle, SN: 6703792500.00
0570-19Foil StamperHowardTabletop Foil Stamper275.00
0702-19FolderOFMTurbo/Rite AngleOFM Turbo and Rite Angle Folding Machine1500.00
1120-20FolderBaum714Table Top / Air feed2000.00
1005-20FolderMartin Yale1217ARefurbished825.00
C0204-19FolderBaum Friction Feed Baum 714750.00
0203-17FolderMBOT-46Parallel Sect. SN F1/79 (1988), 8 Pg. Sect. SN E07/28 (1987), Hang-on Del. A46DC SN F1/79 (1988)8500.00
0223-12FolderBaum1320C-3-P-32020 Parallel Section, Pile Feed, Year1997, SN 130KL0142, 208/230V, 17 Amps, 3Ph.8000.00
0510-18FolderMBOB20B20 4/4 Pile Feed Parallel Section SN P06/88, Year 1998, 8 Page Section B120, SN S06/59, Year 2001, 220V, 3Ph, Delivery SE500, SN S06/59, Year 2001.9500.00
1009-16AFolderMBOB20-PB20-P Pile Feed , Parallel Section SN T05/47, Year 2002, ST500/3 Hang-on Delivery SN T05/47, Year 20028500.00
0103-17FolderMBOB23-CB23 Continuous Folder Parallel Section Year 1988 Para. SN F5/30, 9500.00
0215-14Heat PressGeo Knight475BTGeo KNight 18 x 14 Heat Press200.00
0214-13JoggerChallengeA1976, SN: 2015 Only Jogs 1 speed750.00
0802-20LaminatorUSIFX120012" Pouch Laminator, 115v, Serial #9648-1428165.00
0101-21LaminatorBanner American2700 FinisherHeats up well and finishes smooth.500.00
0712-19Light TableUnited LaboratoriesModel AM-30Light Table 30"100.00
1217-16MiscellaneousPostmark3030Rotary Letter Opener125.00
1218-16MiscellaneousPostMark3030Rotary Letter Opener125.00
09093MiscellaneousBostitchL2KSewing Machine, S/N 9417153900.00
0403-20MiscellaneousHangtype 200-02 / 707 708Hang Dual Riviter Machine 1/81800.00
1027-12MiscellaneousPro Edge Notcher (Manual) SN: 2000ST2029500.00
0816-13MiscellaneousKomori Transformer, Dry Type, SN: J00F02671500.00
0709-19Numbering MachineRollemAuto IV2000.00
0509-12Numbering MachinePierceSNB2000Socbox, 6-digit Numbering Head600.00
0806-15Numbering MachineRollemw/ Scoring and Perforating, SN: Y 588/2742000.00
0710-19Plate MakerXante'Plate Maker 3Tabletop Plate Maker 500.00
0607-16PlatemakerEsko GraphicsDPX 5080C to P Platemaker, Year 2001, SN 46130082500.00
1104-18PressDavidson702-PSingle Color Press500.00
1104-10PunchGBC111PM-2Electric, SN: 3476629150.00
0407-19PunchHeidelberg/NELA 1996A1.0909016/019 1/4 in. x 20 1/2 in. 250.00
0408-19PunchHeidelberg/NELA 19959.25 in. x 20.5 in. 250.00
1112-20PunchGBCMagna PunchIncludes Foot Pedal, 1-GBC Die, 2-4:1Round Dies1650.00
0713-12PunchStoesser Register SystemsPlate4 Hole, SN: 06729250.00
07389PunchTernesHarris M1000Register System, SN: MPD9808-0288750.00
0236-15PunchGBC111PM-2SN: 3334116150.00
0713-19Punch and BinderIbicoKombo Punch & Binder150.00
0603-20Shrink WrapSergeant220C15x20 L-Sealer and Tunnel2250.00
1205-11BShrink WrapPack-All16x8x30 Tunnel2000.00
0608-19Shrink Wrap and SealerRobbieR-138Cordless Heat Rollers75.00
0216-20SlitterHandi-SlitterHS1200 A BBusiness Card Slitter Manufactured by Sun Enterprises1000.00
0203-20SlitterHandi-SlitterHS-454Cuts to 2700.00
0708-19StitcherInterlakeModel A115V, 19841000.00
0405-16StitcherInterlakeS3AS3A 1-1/81200.00
0103-20StitcherAcmeAcme .25 inch.25 inch750.00
0611-19StitcherAcmeN3A 3/4Acme Morrison N3A 3/4850.00
1007-14StitcherAcmeASN: 5222750.00
06-02-15StitcherInterlake Binderymate 3051/4600.00
0709-16StitcherAcmeN3ASingle Head 3/4" Capacity, SN 20730. 1600.00