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Stock Number Category Manufacturer Model Description Asking Price
0712-16BinderBindomatic (Coverbind)301 DFSBinding Machine1500.00
0725-11-01BinderXeroxChesire 750II, SN: 751-001500.00
0526-19BinderSulbyMinabinda220V, 1-Ph (Parts Machine)1000.00
0211-11-01Binder/PunchGBCC100Manual Punch and Bind, SN: OEP2267250.00
03299-01Binder/PunchGBCTEPD-24Tahsin Punch and Opener Combo, SN: 8605835550.00
1211-15Binder/PunchPerformance DesignPC2004Manual Punch and Electric Coil Inserter, SN 119993, 120V, 5 Amps950.00
0308-12-01Binder/PunchIbicoIbimaticManual Punch and Opener Combo, SN: 4A42909500.00
0412-12-01Binder/PunchIbicoKombo, SN: 8B59478250.00
0430-17BBookletmakerISPB-2000Stitch and Fold Trimmer, SN T1056, 115V, Year 20021500.00
0919-12BBookletmakerBaum88 and 89System 88 Folder/Stapler and System 89 Cutter/Trimmer, 115V5500.00
0707-17Copier, Ink Jet PrinterCanonIPF 8000S442000.00
1217-13-01Copiers/Injet PrintersEpsonK131AWide Format Printer, Stylus Pro 7800, SN: GLL0024604600.00
0518-10Copiers/Ink Jet PrintersOKIC9400Color Printer, SN 105A0000116, 115V2000.00
0609-15-01SCopiers/Inkjet PrintersSharpARM 237Digital Imager, 2004, SN: 45079429 PLEASE CALL FOR PRICE0.00
ST0512-16Copiers/Inkjet PrintersEpsonStylus Pro 7900241100.00
ST0514-16Copiers/Inkjet PrintersEpsonStylus Pro 760018" Wide Format Printer, PLEASE CALL FOR PRICE0.00
0504-18Copiers/PrintersIntecN 31204BIntec Digital Printer, SN AL2B0192095500.00
0618-19CutterIdeal4850Triumph Ideal 4850 '892500.00
0903-14-01CutterMBM6550Triumph , 1987, SN: 584427, Manual Backgauge, Automatic Cut and Clamp2500.00
0104-17CutterIdeal7228Powered Backgauge, Clamp & Cut, 28" Cut4500.00
0913-17CutterChallenge305 MC30.5, SN 12097, Year 1988, Manual Backgauge, Powered Clamp & Cut, 208-230V, 25 Amps, 3Ph4000.00
0302-17CutterChallengeChampion 230 MB232500.00
0713-17CutterChallengeDiamond 26526.54000.00
0507-17CutterChallenge305MPXChallenge 305 MPX Programmable up to 99 Channels,Powered Backgauge, Clamp and Cut, SN 94414E, Year 1994, Side Tables (not installed), 220V, 25A, 3Ph.8250.00
0312-18CutterChallengeProgrammable305 MPX 10500.00
0112-19CutterMBMModel 4810Triumph 18"1800.00
0203-19CutterSchneiderSenator 92 -SN: 3111736" Cutter with Microcut5000.00
0108-19CutterWohlenberg 11545" Paper Cutter-SN: 3381-0176500.00
0524-19DrillChallengeEH-3A3-hole drill, 208-230V, 18Amps, Single Phase1500.00
0512-14-01DrillChallengeJFSingle Spindle w/ Round Cornering Attachment, SN: 70437750.00
0510-16DrillChallengeJFSingle Spindle Drill500.00
0344-12-01DrillChallengeJO1984, SN: 63854400.00
1009-14-01DrillChallengeJOSingle Spindle, Tabletop, 1974, SN: 39991250.00
0804-11-01DrillChallengeJO1984, SN: 63084400.00
05148DrillChallengeJOSingle Spindle Table Top, Year 1985, SN 65790, 115V.400.00
0314-15-01DrillChallengeSingle Spindle Floor Model500.00
0310-12-01DrillChallengeJOSingle Spindle, Table Top, 1976, SN: 44486400.00
0516-16DrillBlocco DicesaSK92Three Spindle Drill1000.00
0110-17DrillChallengeEH-3A3 spindle2500.00
0916-11-01DrillNygren Dahly5 Spindle, SN: 6703792650.00
0302-19Envelope FeederThompsonEnvelope FeederThompson Envelope Feeder, 110V1200.00
0405-19FolderBaum714-ABaum 714-A Folder2000.00
0616-19FolderBaum714Air Feed 14x20 Tabletop 1700.00
0912-13-01FolderStahlB20Right Angle, SN: 1210G00234750.00
ST0730-13FolderBaumHang-on Delivery, DC Motor, 5 Pin Plug2000.00
ST0908-15FolderMathias BauerleModel CAS 52/04SLParallel Section with Delivery, Sound Proof Hoods over Fold Plates, SN 050258021, 215V, 3Ph4500.00
ST0105-16AFolderMBOT-49 PT-49-P Pile Feed with a Roll Away Delivery, Para. Sect. SN A07/48 (Year 1983), Del.A56-DC, SN L05/63 (Year 1994), Has New Belts, Bearings and Rollers.15750.00
0610-12-01FolderBaum1320C-3-P-3Pile Feed w/ Hang-on Delivery, SN: 130LI01078000.00
0203-17FolderMBOT-46Parallel Sect. SN F1/79 (1988), 8 Pg. Sect. SN E07/28 (1987), Hang-on Del. A46DC SN F1/79 (1988)8500.00
0419-17FolderBaum714Air Feed Table Top 14 x 20, 6 Diff. Folds, SN 84A1241500.00
09187-01FolderBourgBF3/2Tabletop, Air, SN: 0722000.00
0406-17FolderBaum1320F-3-8Pg.2020 8 Page Section, Year 2008, SN 131VF0041, 208/230V, 6 Amps, 1Ph.4500.00
0223-12FolderBaum1320C-3-P-32020 Parallel Section, Pile Feed, Year1997, SN 130KL0142, 208/230V, 17 Amps, 3Ph.8000.00
0901-17AFolderMBOB20-PPile feed with Hang-on Delivery, Year, 19957500.00
0510-18FolderMBOB20B20 4/4 Pile Feed Parallel Section SN P06/88, Year 1998, 8 Page Section B120, SN S06/59, Year 2001, 220V, 3Ph, Delivery SE500, SN S06/59, Year 2001.9500.00
1009-16AFolderMBOB20-PB20-P Pile Feed , Parallel Section SN T05/47, Year 2002, ST500/3 Hang-on Delivery SN T05/47, Year 20028500.00
0103-17FolderMBOB23-CB23 Continuous Folder Parallel Section Year 1988 Para. SN F5/30, 9500.00
K1116-18AFolderMBO4/4 ContinuousT-49 with A-56 Roll Around Delivery15.00
0110-19FolderMB Table Top FolderMB (1983)Smart Fold, 120V, 60Htz, 3.0W2500.00
0412-10-01Fork Trucks/Material HandlingPrestoPlatform Scissor Lift, 1500 lb. Capacity, 24x48 Table, Maximum Lift 45 inches950.00
0214-13-02JoggerChallengeA1976, SN: 20151200.00
0523-16PLaminatorSeal600SSeal 600S Laminator 61, SN 600S-620, 208/240V, 30 Amps, 1Ph5000.00
1044-12ALaminatorDaigeQuickmount IIISN 0306800.00
0322-15-01LetterpressHeidelberg10x15 Windmill, Red Ball, SN: 1240712500.00
0720-18LetterpressHeidelberg10 x 15 Windmill Red Knob with Foil Stamping, SN T189976E[4500.00
0603-16Mailing EquipmentEvcor1020Tabbing Machine, SN 81480, 115V, 3 Amps1200.00
0411-19MiscellaneousHowardJP Series 80Table Top Foil Stamper275.00
09093-01MiscellaneousBostitchL2KSewing Machine, SN: 94 171532000.00
1108-16MiscellaneousDormModel DMC 19F/CEDorn SPE Model DMC 19F/CE/230 UV Coater.7500.00
0119-11-01MiscellaneousTally698Impact Printer, SN: A68F091295 PLEASE CALL FOR PRICE0.00
0240-15MiscellaneousSandmarConveyor 11" x 30", 115V150.00
0422-17MiscellaneousChallengeFloor ModelPaddy Wagon500.00
1027-12-01MiscellaneousPro Edge Notcher (Manual) SN: 2000ST2029500.00
0816-13-01MiscellaneousKomori Transformer, Dry Type, SN: J00F02671500.00
C0512-18MiscellaneousChallengeCMT330Three Knife Trimmer SN 01100009R, 208/230V, 25A, 3Ph, Feeder Model ELEV 56421, 115V/230V, 1Ph, Exit Conveyor Model 56420B, Year 2009.28500.00
12048-01MiscellaneousLinotronic300Imagesetter, SN: 90346987, w/ Linotype Postcript RIP50, SN: 432613113500.00
0510-12-01Numbering MachinePierceSNB2000Socbox, Includes a 6 Digit Numbering Head750.00
0509-12-01Numbering MachinePierceSNB2000Socbox, 6-digit Numbering Head750.00
0806-15-01Numbering MachineRollemw/ Scoring and Perforating, SN: Y 588/2743500.00
0604-14-01Plate MakerNuArcFT26LSN: 10CN-G85-001600.00
0705-13Plate MakersAgfa2460Selectset 5000 Computer to Plate with RIP, Year 1992, SN 3613, 115/220V, 5/2.5A, 1Ph2000.00
0607-16PlatemakerEsko GraphicsDPX 5080C to P Platemaker, Year 2001, SN 461300824650.00
0601-15PlatemakerEsko GraphicsDPX5080C to P, SN 46220153, Year 2002, With RIP, 230V4250.00
0215-14PressGeorge Knight475BT18x14 Heat Press300.00
0403-16PressATFChief 17ATF Chief 17 Single Color Offset Press, SN 15-5577, 115V, 14 Amps850.00
0508-17PressItek/Ryobi39852 Color Press with continuous dampening, SN 6160, 208V, 12A, 1Ph4500.00
0519-17PressItek39852 Color Press, Continuous Dampening, SN 7168, 208V, 12A.4500.00
1104-18PressDavidson702-PSingle Color Press800.00
09131-01PressHamadaC-48Single Color, 12.6 Mil. Imp. SN: CS2H020, Max. paper size: 14.4 in. x 18.9in., Min. paper size: 3.5 in. x 5.5 in.3500.00
0301-19PressAB Dick98409840 Press1000.00
1236-18PrinterRicoh AficioSP8200DNBlack and White Printer400.00
ST0202-19ProcessorAgfa AzuraC95Plate Processor 0.00
1104-10-01PunchGBC111PM-2Electric, SN: 3476629950.00
0407-19PunchHeidelberg/NELA 1996A1.0909016/019 1/4 in. x 20 1/2 in. 250.00
0408-19PunchHeidelberg/NELA 19959.25 in. x 20.5 in. 300.00
1127-10-01PunchSRS195-004T-000SN: 30698750.00
0713-12-01PunchStoesser Register SystemsPlate4 Hole, SN: 06729250.00
07389-01PunchTernesHarris M1000Register System, SN: MPD9808-02881200.00
0236-15-01PunchGBC111PM-2SN: 3334116750.00
0505-18PunchSterlingPunchmaster 15, 5 Extra Dies, Operating Manual," As Is" 2800.00
0607-10-01Shrink WrapSergeant1620ASTDY HTL-Sealer SN: 037475, Tunnel SN: 0379181800.00
1205-11B-01Shrink WrapAPS16x8x30 Tunnel2000.00
0615-19Shrink Wrap and SealerRobbieR140-SL-Sealer and Tunnel0.00
0705-15SlitterSunraiseSuper 12Super 12 Business Card Slitter, SN 1874, 110V, 3A4000.00
0330-12-01StaplerAcme706Manual, w/ Foot Pedal and Stand, SN: F7241250.00
0525-19StitcherInterlakeA110V, 1-Ph, 1976500.00
0617-19StitcherInterlakeModel S3AInterlake S3A 3/41800.00
02049A-01StitcherHohnerPedestal, SN: 89.43.3496, Max. thickness 1/4"2200.00
03426-01StitcherAcme2-Heads, (1980)2500.00
0402-16StitcherAcme710Acme Stitcher Model 710, SN 751001800.00
1007-14-01StitcherAcmeASN: 5222750.00
02148-01StitcherInterlake305Binderymate SN: 01804900.00
0709-16StitcherAcmeN3ASingle Head 3/4" Capacity, SN 20730. 1600.00
02049AStitcherHohnerPedestal 1/4" Capacity, SN 89.43.3496, 110V.2200.00
C0207-19StitcherRosback201A2-Head Saddle Stitcher2000.00
C0206-19StitcherInterlakeModel ASingle Head (1994)1200.00